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"This is a true story about a fae that I call Faerie Blue.

In the forests of Half Moon in Northern California, there is a hidden path off the side of the road a few miles from the bay. I was taken there one day to see a beautiful rock formation that this guy ( I forget his name) thought would enchant me on our first (and last) date.

As we were walking the beaten path towards the rock we noticed a strange sound around us. It was a loud buzzing that seemed to be circling us as we walked. As soon as I heard it I ducked and ran around a little trying to figure out what prehistoric insect had attacked us. My date was looking up and around also trying to catch sight of this loud pest. Unfortunately, we saw nothing. Although strangely enough, the buzzing did not cease but continued to circle around. I stood there for a moment and contemplated the idea that it might be a faerie. For as hard as we looked we could see nothing.

So, I had decided to tell my date that we had entered someones home uninvited and should request passage through before continuing. Well, he about died of laughter as I tried to explain to him that faeries were indeed real and that we had stumbled upon one and were very lucky to have done so. Needless to say, he did not ask permission, altough I wasn't going any further until I politely asked. As we continued down the path the buzzing continued. We would occasionally look up to see if we could see anything, but alas, we saw nothing.

About ten feet or so from reaching the rock formation the sound stopped as did our conversation about the realm of Fae. I was soon distracted by the rock and temporarly forgot about the faerie. We climbed and explored for about an hour before heading back. And no sooner did we start down the path that the buzzing started again. There was no doubt in my mind now of what we were hearing. Soon the conversation started up again and I was trying very hard to open this guys eyes up to what was to him only a myth. As we were nearing the edge and were about a hundred feet from the road, my date said, "well, Im sorry to dissappoint you Christine but I just dont belive in faeries". And at that moment the buzzing got louder and the next thing I knew this blue streak (about eight inches in length) flew right in front of us! It couldn't have been more than a foot from our faces.

After that I yelled with delight and jumped around in excitement as my heart beat ninety miles an hour. He just stood there. He didnt say hardly five words to me on the ride back home. But I was miss motor mouth. I couldnt stop talking about it. The way the blue looked almost like it was a light and the way it just followed us throughout the forest. I never did see that guy again, or my Faerie Blue. But someday, I will take my son there and we will call for her. And who knows?"

Written By Christian Faith Parker 4/19/98
1998 1999 All Rights Reserved

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