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Gremlins and Gnomes

Another visitor that came by to see the baby Prince Dryden Elf just the other day, was the funny little mystical man that the creatures of Ailfen Wood Hollow call the godfather. He is a strange little man, with a bent over little body and a raspy little voice (thereby, the nickname "godfather"). Ah, but he is a kind and thoughtful, old gremlin and well thought of in Ailfen Wood Hollow, and Prince Dryden Elf was very happy that the old gremlin came by especially to pay him a visit.

Gremlins appear to be tiny little humans dressed in baggy clothes and leather helmets. But its not baggy clothes at all, instead, it is saggy skin and pointed heads. Their gray-brown, warty skin blends in with the natural earth and stone, thereby making it easier for them to hide from Humans.

When they do speak (which is, understandably, not very often), their voices are high-pitched and they squeak and twitter. This means that they are sometimes mistaken for bats or a rat.

Written by Bexboomer
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