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Faerie, faerie of the rain,
wee Charisma is her name.
Sprinkling dewdrops all around,
or are they teardrops falling down?

Wee Charisma, it is said,
you have no place to lay your head.
Now be it known, for all to hear,
Prince Dryden Elf, to you draws near.

Ah, let your faerie tears turn glee,
for Prince Dryden Elf does say that he
will always love your afterglow,
otherwise known as God's rainbow.

So, come to our Enchanted Forest
for to stay or as our wee guest.
So sweet Charisma, come once more
to sprinkle your rain on our forest floor.

1998 1999Bexboomer Creations
All Rights Reserved


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