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Ailfen Wood Hollow

In this forest
Dark and eerie
Dwell some Ailfens,
Gremlins, and Faeries.

Those who wander unawares
Through this realm of Faerie snares,
May find that minutes turn to years
When hearing Fae with mortal ears.

Wistful Faerie melodies keep
Human listeners in a fatal sleep;
Locked forever in the world of Fae
For seven years, no, nay a day.

So, caution my friend, as you walk and sing
Do not step into a Faerie ring;
Beware Fae food or a Faerie kiss,
O, lest your life as mortal,

Written By


1998 1999 All Rights Reserved

If you are real quiet, and very careful,
then on the following pages, as you turn each one,
you will hear the Fae telling the enchanting story of
Prince Dryden Elf of Ailfen Wood Hollow.
Be aware, not everyone entering here
have the ears to understand Fae language.
If you are one of the lucky ones, then enjoy!!!

Enter This Enchanting Forest Through the Door Below

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