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Prince Dryden Elf

Wee babe of pointed-eared creatures,
How well I know your face;
Blessed was I on the magical night
That I found myself in this enchanted place.

Moonlight beams shed misty teardrop sparkles
Wherever the mortal eyes could gaze,
Blessing the lives of the creatures that be
Captured in the magical haze.

Brighter stars in the heavens, may be,
but not as this mystical sight.
Moonbeams and starlight became irredescent wings
Through the blinding tears of joy, that night.

Faeries revealed, bright and glittering,
Out from the forest to see
the first born of Ailfen;
O beloved Dryden,
Prince of the Forest, is he.

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1998 1999 All Rights Reserved


This is your Faerie guide. Whenever you see her and click on her, she will take you home.

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