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"True Thomas lay oer yond grassy bank,
And he beheld a ladie gay,
A ladie that was brisk and bold,
Come riding oer the fernie brae.

Her skirt was of the grass-green silk,
Her mantel of the velvet fine,
At ilka tett of her horse's mane
Hung fifty silver bells and nine.

True Thomas he took off his hat,
And bowed him low down till his knee:
'All hail, thou mighty Queen of Heaven!
For your peer on earth I never did see.'

'O no, O no, True Thomas,' she says,
'That name does not belong to me;
I am but the queen of fair Elfland,
And I'm come here for to visit thee."

From FAERIES By Brian Froud and Alan Lee

The Wandering Faerie and The Wee Folk

O' tis one of the brightest days in the Forest, it tis. "The Wandering Faerie, the Wandering Faerie", they were all saying. Laughing and smiling and giggling with that little fae giggle, so excited of the news that the beautiful and honorable Wandering Faerie and the Wee Folk of the Elfland had come to visit Prince Dryden Elf.

O and he bein' on his best behavior, for sure, smiling and cooing, daring the Wandering Faerie not to let her Fae heart slip away under his spell. Oh, twas not an easy snare to avoid, as the young Prince Dryden Elf was beginning to grow, and his eyes, now carrying sparkles of the Emerald from the mighty oak trees of the Enchanted Forest Glade; they were sparkln', they were, with the ailfen mischief that is hidden wit'in. An' now, his dark o' blackest hair is begin'n to shimmer with shades of red, as if the setting sun were bein' captured itself, wit'in the magic of the young Prince.

Ah, but the beauty of the Wandering Faerie brought such a smile to the young Prince's face. And, after seeing this Prince o' Ailfen of which she had heard so much, the Wandering Faerie bestowed upon him a most honored gift. The Wee Folk, they gathered around the Prince and put the special gift at his feet. Tis a treasure, now, to the young Prince Dryden, one that he wants near to him at all times, to remind him of the special day that the beautiful Wandering Faerie and The Wee Folk came just to visit him.


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